Benefits of exhibiting

Participating in TransRussia is

Opportunity to increase sales and expand customer base

  • Plenty of visitors

Due to the large number of professional visitors at the exhibition, participation in TransRussia opens access to new potential customers.


  • High quality of visitors

Visitors of TransRussia are specialists of the transport and logistics industry, interested in finding partners for the construction of the supply chain, and the end users of transport and logistics services - cargo owners (trade and manufacturing companies).

*Among Other: 5% (946) — IT solutions for transport and logistics, 2% (378) — Warehouse equipment supply, 1% (189) — Media, 10% (1 891) — insurance, customs, finance and other


  • High purchasing power of the visitors

69% (13 051) plan to purchase after the exhibition


Opportunity to enter the Russian market

  • Visitors geography

The vast majority of visitors are representatives of Moscow and Moscow region and 75 regions of Russia.



Opportunity to negotiate and agree on cooperation

  • High interest of visitors to the products and services of the participants

In addition, participation in the exhibition is a great tool to help maintain the company's image, analyze the needs of the market, study the activities of competitors, learn about the latest trends in the industry.

Whatever the purpose of participation you choose, we will be happy to help you organize your participation in the exhibition as efficiently as possible for the most complete solution of your business problems.