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25th International exhibition for transport and logistics services and technologies
13 - 15 April 2020 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1

Lithuanian trucking firms in Russia with Girteka Logistics

Road transport is a market worth an incredible $4.78bn in Russia – and the Baltic states, particularly Lithuania, are well placed to capture truck-based transit loads. At TransRussia 2018, we spoke to Girteka Logistics to get some important market insights.
Lithuanian trucking firms in Russia with Girteka Logistics

Russian road transport with Girteka Logistics

Girteka Logistics is based in Vilnius, Lithuania’s historic capital, and currently operates a fleet of around 4,000 trucks. They exhibited at Russia’s only dedicated transport and logistics event, TransRussia, in 2018, with the view of meeting cargo owners in need of road transportation.
Trucking in Russia is in recovery mode right now, a fact reflected by Girteka’s optimistic approach to its Russian logistics services.
Let’s take a look at what Girteka had to say, regarding the opportunities in Russia, the kind of cargoes they carry, and why they chose to come to TransRussia.
TransRussia: Why is Russia an important market for you?
Girteka Logistics: Because our company actually started as a business in the Russian market about 20 years ago. We keep improving our Russian service. Girteka only started in the rest of Europe after Russia, but our first steps were in the Russian market.
TransRussia: Are you feeling optimistic regarding the Russian market? Do you think cargo volumes have increased in the last few years?
Girteka Logistics: Yes, they are actually increasing every year. We work across all sectors on the logistics market, carrying pharmaceuticals, FMCG products, automotive parts, foodstuffs – everything! 
As cargo loads are increasing, we’re currently planning how best t tackle the future. We’re actually one of the biggest companies operating in the Russian trucking market, so we are currently comfortable.
TransRussia: So what kind of growth do you expect over the next three years for your Russian business? 
Girteka Logistics: We are expecting really big growth. More than 20-30% in the near future.
TransRussia: Rail is trucking’s biggest rival in Russia. Do you feel like you are competing with Russian railway transporters?
Girteka Logistics: We’re not really sure. While railways can be cheaper, road transport is much faster. Some specific cargoes have to be carried by truck, others have to go via train, so we compete, but not directly.
TransRussia: Is TransRussia an important event for your business?
Girteka Logistics: Most of our Russian business is located here. TransRussia is a very popular show, so we can meet our partners in one place, show off our brand, and explain what we will be doing in the future.
TransRussia: Is coming the show a key part of your strategy?
Girteka Logistics: Yes, definitely.
TransRussia: Did you have a good show in 2018?
Girteka Logistics: Yes, it was very busy. We met lots of customers and existing partners, plus a lot of new ones as well. We’re here every year.

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