Advertising services

Use TransRussia's Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities to promote your company before, during and after the event.

They are designed to enhance your marketing efforts and to offer further chances to promote your business to the global transport & logistics industry.

Please note: some services must be ordered in certain periods. Please carefully read all the requirements below to make sure you order in time and avoid dissapointment.

Orders made later than the time specified in the description of the relevant services will not be provided in full.


TransRussia additional advertising options have been designed to help you maximise your event pariticpation.

  • Want to attract potential visitors' attention before the exhibition and create interest in your services in advance? Use the exhibition website advertising opportunities of the exhibition website: news or an advertising banner (see Section 2 of the Marketing manual).
  • Advertising opportunities during the exhibition are diverse: you can place advertising on the street to get visitors' attention before they enter the event (see Section 4 of the Marketing manual), place advertising inside the pavilion directing the visitor to your stand, or order advertising in the printed guide and catalogue of the exhibition (see Section 3 of the Marketing manual)
  • Please note: if you are planning promotional activities or distributing advertising materials on-site, you need to purchase a special permit. For more information about the conditions of distribution of advertising materials, see Section 6 of the Marketing manual.


Description of all advertising services of the exhibition and their cost can be found in the Marketing manual at the link below.

Marketing manual

For further advertising and promotion, consider sponsoring TransRussia with one of the event's many sponsorship packages..

Sponsorship opportunities



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