Advertising and technical services

In this section you will find a list and description of additional advertising and technical services, as well as forms for ordering them.

We draw your attention to the fact that certain services must be ordered no later than a certain period. We ask you to carefully read the requirements and make the necessary order before the deadline.

Orders made later than the time specified in the description of the relevant services may be subject to a surcharge (for technical services), or will not be provided in full (for advertising services).


Advertising opportunities of the exhibition allow to make participation the most effective. Additional attention to the company before the exhibition, during the exhibition and after it ensures maximum attendance of the stand and increase of interest to the services and products of the participant.

  • If you want to attract the attention of visitors before the exhibition and create interest in your services in advance, use the advertising opportunities of the exhibition website: news or an advertising banner (section 2 of the Marketing manual).
  • Advertising opportunities during the exhibition are diverse: you can place advertising constructions on the street (section 4 of the Marketing manual) to attract the attention of the visitor before entering the exhibition, place advertising inside the pavilion (section 3 of the Marketing manual), directing the visitor to your stand, or order advertising in the printed guide and catalogue of the exhibition (section 3 of the Marketing manual).
  • Please note: if you are planning promotional activities or distribution of advertising materials on the territory of the exhibition, you need to purchase a special permit. For more information about the conditions of distribution of advertising materials, see section 6 of the Marketing manual.


Description of all advertising services of the exhibition and their cost can be found in the Marketing manual at the link below.

Marketing manual >>

If you want to solve the problem of advertising of your company in complex, you may be interested in sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship opportunities >>



To order the advertising services, please, fill the form below and send it to the brand Manager of the exhibition, Anastasia Kirichenkо.

Order form >>

If you have any questions, please, contact the Brand Manager of the exhibition:

Simonov Evgeny
Tel: +7 (969) 192-75-23


The technical manual contains technical information about the stand construction, the procedure of baggage imports and export, the rules of installation work, installation time and other information that may be required during the preparation for the exhibition. You will also find a description of additional services not included in the stand price (stand cleaning, security, power supply, etc.).



This page contains the Exhibitor’s Manual (Technical services).
All documents are in .pdf format, which you can open by using Adobe Reader (you can install this program free of charge by downloading it>>)
The manual consists of two parts:
1) Information part
This part contains technical information about the forthcoming exhibition, stand construction regulations, dates and deadlines and other information that can be useful during the exhibition preparation period.
Technical Information>>
2) Technical services order forms
You can order additional services by filling in an order form. Scanned copies of filled in forms should be send to the e-mail address provided at the top of the order form. If you do not wish to order any additional services, please send a “form T” with total null, signed and stamped. For stands with Standard or Premium shell schemes please send also a “form T3” (the inscription on fascia panel), signed as well.
Technical services order forms>> 
Ceiling suspensions>> 

IMPORTANT! All technical order forms should be submitted till February 10, 2020.
According to the exhibitor’s contract, the first thing that the exhibitor should do is rent their exhibition space. In addition to space, the exhibitor can order the Standard equipment package or one of the Premium equipment packages. You can find description of these packages in our Technical services order forms.
If the exhibitor does not order the Standard equipment package or Premium equipment package, the exhibitor arranges the construction of the stand with a third party stand building company.
In this case, please pay special attention to Hyve Group requirements for stand design and regulations concerning fire safety, electrical supply and plumbing, listed in the Information part of the manual (pp. 6-7)
NOTE! The design of your stand and its dimensions must be approved by the Hyve Group Technical Service Department. Projects are accepted by e-mail no later than 1 month before the beginning of set-up. The approval period is 3 working days.
You can examine your copy of the exhibitor’s contract to check which of the options you selected.
If you have any questions please contact HYVE EXPO INTERNATIONAL Technical Service Department, you can find contact person>>  on your technical services forms.